For The Cause – A Dunedin Charity Soiree

Venue: Catacombs

Capacity: 500

Date: 14th of November

Time: Starts at 7pm – late


Ticket packages:

  • $80
    • VIP Access to upstairs lounge at Catacombs and access to Vault 21 on the night
    • No waiting in line to enter the venue on the night
    • Go in the draw to win a $200 VIP booth
  • $60
    • Regular pass (no access to VIP area at Catacombs)


Both tickets will include a drink on arrival, nibbles, and snacks on the night

 First 100 ticket valid for COVID-19 Alert Levels 2 and 1

Rest of the tickets only valid for level 1 (tickets don’t include ticketing fee)

Event Description:

A night out that you won’t regret the next day!
For the cause - the Dunedin charity Soiree is more than just an event, it’s a chance to spend time with people who also give a sh*t and feel good about it.
From each ticket sold, the proceeds go to a locally based charity but the difference from other charity events you may have been to in the past is this is your choice. We want your $$s to go to one of the three causes that means the most to you. So do some reading, check out these charities, and get educated about the awesome work they’re doing for our community!

Life Matters - The Mission of the Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust is to reduce the rate of suicide and suicidal behaviour by:
• Promoting suicide prevention strategies
• Community education and support
• Raising awareness
• Bereavement support

The Dunedin Wildlife Hospital - Based at the Otago Polytechnic. It’s the only facility of its kind, in the South Island of New Zealand – home to some of the world’s most unique and most threatened species. We treat a wide variety of animals, including native birds, penguins, seals, and sea lions. The hospital is crucial for the survival of many of these creatures.

Hala - We organize intimate music gigs in Aotearoa (only Dunedin for now) with 100% of the revenue going to the artists and charity  Not your average pub gig! @hala.aotearoa

Artists – solo act, a band, and DJ set

Upon arrival, you will be able to choose which charity gets your vote!

Get all the feel-good vibes, start talking to your mates about your outfits.

Keep an eye on this event for cool content and update

Show up and have a great night!

Continue to feel good...